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Jason Peaky Blinders.jpg

Jason working as the Stunt Co-ordinator & Horse Master for the entire

Peaky Blinders Series One

"The action is brutal"
The Guardian


"I faced and conquered many fears - you helped me do that Jason, I cannot thank you enough. I'm just glad you were there"


"Thanks for your hard work and

professionalism in Rwanda.

It was comforting to have you there

orchestrating some difficult scenes."



"I was so pleased with the wrecking scenes

in the sea -

that was down to you Jason."



"We knew that we would need a Stunt Co-ordinator every day and that's when we met, and I think we're supposed to say "Fell in love with Jason White!" Cos he was FANTASTIC!"



"A huge thank you for a job brilliantly done and for confidently steering us through the maze that is contemporary stunt-arranging and performance.

We have some exceptional action footage and it makes such a quantum difference to the credibility of the piece when its executed with conviction and a sense of natural reality. Great stuff!!"



"I have to give a special shout out to Jason, a phenomenal fight and stunt coach!  What you didn't see was how much care, patience and attention he gave me personally in both the fight club and the gun scene!  It never felt like I was a burden or requiring too much attention, and that was a huge part of what gave me the confidence to fulfil my role.  So Jason, thank you from the bottom of my heart!"



"The wrecking/murder scene, filmed under skies of poison, will live long"

The Guardian

Jason is a highly experienced safe, consistent and dependable UK Action Director and Stunt Co-ordinator.

After attending Morley Drama College, Jason worked as an actor in film & TV - appearing in features such as A Bridge Too Far and as Roger Peacock in International Velvet.  In 1982 Jason joined the stunt register having obtained 6 qualifications to gold medal standard.

During this time Jason also attended The National Film School, training as a documentary director.

Writing and directing many action sequences working closely with actors such as Cillian Murphy, Kim Basinger, and Richard Harris, and many more.

Jason is one of the few multi skilled Action Directors / Stunt Co-ordinators. Whether it’s having the vision to orchestrate a large set piece, arrange a realistic fight sequence – you're definitely in safe and capable hands!

Being passionate and committed to safety in the Film and TV industry, Jason designed a range of Special Action Manikins to replace the traditionally used stunt dummy – which he felt needed to be more realistic, reactional and infinitely more usable and credible.

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Supporter of IPC - facilitators for best practice for injury prevention in production

Jason White Updated_edited.jpg

"I specialise and enjoy working closely with actors - enabling them to perform their own physical action safely"




Joined Jisc / Equity Stunt Register in 1982

Exploding Men.jpg

Designed and made by Jason White to maximise safety on set.  The manikins are fully articulated with self supporting spines and realistic human like reactions on impact - enabling Directors to achieve otherwise impossible shots!

Daily Hire and bespoke manikins made

Call Jason for more details.

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